Need help planning your stay? 

Destination Management

$30 per hour [8 hour-$240 minimum]


Services to Include:

  • Booking of Hotel Accommodations
  • Attractions & Activities Planning
  • Dinner/meal Reservations
  • Meetings & Boardrooms if applicable 
  • Onsite coordination available also 


Make sure to look up the weather! Asheville has a pretty mild climate, but does get snow in the winter months, so be sure to pack accordingly! Helpful packing tips: 

  • Put socks, belts and other small items in shoes
  • Roll clothing for tighter spacing and organization

  • Use shoe bags so clean clothes don't get dirty 

  • Include extra zip lock bags for damp items 

  • Place dirty clothing inside out so when you get home you know what is still clean. 

While You're Gone

  • Have someone gather your mail and packages or stop your mail service

  • Use light timers for any porch and/or in-home lights that are regularly on
  • Let your CC Company know where you will be traveling  
  • If possible, put bills on auto pay so you don't miss any payments

  • Leave a copy of your passport in the house if you're traveling internationally

  • Change settings to save energy while away for any smart home devices such as Nest 

Want ideas?

If you know you'll be in town, but aren't sure the best way to spend your time, contact AMA today for personalized suggestions based on your likes/interests. These suggestions can include "must see while in Asheville" and/or current events based on your travel time!